The Data Cartridge sets up our predefined modes in the MFD, our COMMS, and Countermeasures.  Using the DC, we can program and customize our F-16 cockpit before we take off.  I started using Krause’s Data Cartridge and then customized it to the way I wanted it.  His setup is good and saved you time from having to go through and customize the different areas.


  • Save the above to C:\Falcon BMS 4.32\User\Config
  • Rename it to your CallSign.ini

Once you download this, place it in the correct area and rename it to your Call Sign you can access the DC from Briefing Screen.



Modifying the Data Cartridge


Your flight plan will automatically will be placed into the DC, as well as when you mark target steerpoints like we did previously.

There will be 4 different ways you can customize how your countermeasures are released. The DC above has them done for you.

His settings are multi release for 3 and 4.

You can select it once inside the cockpit on your left panel in the cockpit to which pre set you want to use 1-4.

This is how your MFDs are setup initially/Default when you enter the cockpit or customized by modes. You can customize them depending on the mode you are in A/G Mastermode, A/G Mastermode etc…. His settings are they are all pre-defined the same and you can change any of the MFD settings once in flight anyway.

Looking at his ini you will only need to change Preset #15 to the tower. Just go into the COMMS section of the DC and click over Preset# until you get to 15 and then click on the SET TOWER button on the right and click SAVE, the default should already be selected for you. When you go into the sim your COMMS will already be set to the tower.

I believe the comms for 1-14 are already preset in game so you want 15 to be the tower and the default comm when you first get into the sim.
The MAIN THING  when using Krause’s DC is before take-off in the DC is just making sure you Tower COMMS is set. The TARGETS you can set by doing recon and setting them from that screen and your flight plan steerpoints are already included in the DC. Once in the Cockpit you can select which MODE (Countermeasures) from above you want to use depending on your situation.